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Matt Hillyer

Matt Hillyer spent over two decades fronting the legendary honky-tonk band Eleven Hundred Springs, the standard for what a swingin' Texas country band should be.  Now Hillyer taps a fresh spring on his new solo album “Glorieta.”  With the release of this new solo album, Hillyer doesn't begin a post-Eleven Hundred Springs life as much as continues the dance he began decades ago.  Classic country themes mixed with Hillyer's instantly recognizable voice makes for the best type of new music, familiar yet challenging all at once. 


Texas Music Magazine

’Glorieta’ is the sound of a singer comfortable in his skin.  Part of the new album’s success comes with Hillyer’s acceptance of what is his greatest attribute: his way with Western swing and ballads.  Of course, the playing is pristine.  The guitars all stay in tune, the vocals are mannered yet affecting, and the beat always follows a familiar path.  There’s a sincerity to his craft often lacking in country circles these days.”

Country Standard Time

Hillyer has crafted an excellent country record – solid songs, strong musicianship and one of the better voices in the genre.  The higher registers of Hillyer's vocals faintly evoke another Texas giant, Roy Orbison, whose echoes along with those of Buddy Holly also imbue the up tempo, twangy ‘Stolen Kisses.’ Hillyer proves to be no one trick pony.”
Alan Cackett
“Across this record, you could spend days unravelling the songwriting. Matt’s well-sculpted songs are immediately accessible, additionally offering images, declarations and melodic movements that precipitate complex and lingering responses. With his music, his pleasant voice and his accessible, intuitive texts about things that are universal, Matt Hillyer knows how to bind a growing number of inquisitive listeners.”
JD Graham

JD Graham officially enters his name into the songwriting annals with the release of his new album “A Pound Of Rust.”  Recorded at the Skinny Elephant in East Nashville and produced by Neilson Hubbard (Glen Phillips, Mary Gauthier, Kim Richey, Ben Glover, Amy Speace) and acclaimed songwriter Ryan Culwell, this spacious group of songs are the uninhibited testimony of a man with nothing left to lose.  No bells and whistles, just Graham and his guitar, the album’s atmosphere is as raw as its telling captured in a live performance setting. Song after song the listener is seized and silenced as the weight of Graham’s sincerity welcomes you into this hallowed chamber.  JD is what you call a songwriter’s songwriter, a man who keeps a crowd hanging on his every word.  “A Pound Of Rust” is an actual lifetime in the making, and it encapsulates the full culmination of the man who stands before you today. 

Glide Magazine

Singer-songwriter JD Graham’s 'A Pound of Rust 'is easily one of the most devastating albums of its kind that this writer has heard in the past few years. The impact of the album is almost beyond words. This writer played it all the way through and was so compelled by Graham’s stories, that the record played a second time completely through.  This is not something you casually slip into your player. You will likely hang on to every confessional word about loss, grief, breakup, and self-doubt, and redemption. this is as real as it gets.” 

Americana Highways


With the opening tunes, there’s a variety of influences. But unlike the singer-songwriters with the darker edges and gruff voices, JD Graham mines a rich field of edgy subjects with an articulate voice.  ‘A Pound of Rust’ is explicit and distinguished, and the songwriting is consistently compelling.”

Austin Gilliam

In the predominantly country music community in Texas where he “made his bones,” the brawny guitarist has resolutely blurred the lines dividing country and rock to establish his personalized Americana rock style.  His new album “I’m Sorry, I’m Fine” comes out strong, a muscled body of work in deep flex, ready to tangle despite its apologetic title.  Ever true to Gilliam’s hallmark sound, this album is a mixed bag of sonic goods with a girth too wide to fit in any one genre box, but one thing you can always count on is that he is going to bring in big guitars.   Each song has its own build, distinct personality and unique voice, and each one has earned a right to stand as its own volume within a grander series. 

In the southern Colorado mountains sits the bucolic village of Weston, an unincorporated community located on the Highway of Legends Byway. Deep in the Purgatoire River Valley surrounded by wildlife and the epic views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Weston, Colorado is small-town nirvana, a place that has not yet been truly discovered but by the adventurous few.  Creator Red Shahan and Parker Morrow immediately knew this was the perfect location for the Caveman Music Festival. The 2nd Annual 3-day event happens Labor Day weekend at the Monument Lake Resort, September 1st through September 3rd.  The 2023 lineup includes JJ Grey & Mofro, Shane Smith & the Saints, Dawes, Jamestown Revival, Brent Cobb, The Steel Woods, The Sheepdogs, Red Shahan, Kolton Moore & the Clever Few, Pony Bradshaw, Uncle Lucius, Charlie Shafter, Midnight River Choir, Suzanne Santo, Marc Ford, Pasadena, Taddy Porter, Jade Marie Patek, The Mother Hips, and more. 

Caveman Music Festival is a trip back to the rural past where folks from different cultures join together in one unified spirit.  Whether it’s hiking along mountain vistas, fishing at the mile-long private lake, boating on cool clear waters, or just basking in the tranquility of nature, Caveman Music Festival offers it all along with the perfect soundtrack at this secluded little piece of heaven. 

Tickets and accommodation packages can be purchased at 
www.cavemanmusicfestival.com or by calling (719) 680-0580.  


Anyone who has witnessed a performance from Drew Cooper can testify to experiencing a stirring of the soul kind of sensation as the music washes over.  The husky, soul soaked baritone of his voice is no doubt the very foundation his entire sound is built on.  His songs talk about every damn thing and his chops as a storyteller has propelled him into the songwriting cirles in Texas and Los Angeles.  Part 1 of his new double album “This Life” is a bold statement of accountability.  It’s honest, real life situations, sometimes hard, sometimes soft, that come to life through a mighty heart and an equally strapping voice that commands attention. 



A soaring anthem about self-accountability. Drew Cooper writes working man’s Americana. Instantly identifiable by his throaty, soulful vocals, Cooper’s latest continues to ride between contemporary country and rock influences.”  


Rocking The Magpie

When this album arrived on a busy day a voice from Hades crawled out of the car speakers singing Angel From Montgomery …… YES PLEASE!  There’s a rare fluency to this album; even if my words on individual songs don’t point in that direction; but with a voice as distinctive as Drew Cooper’s everything he ever sings will sound like him and no one else. This is very much my type of Country Music; and me and you will treasure this album, plus future and past releases like family heirlooms.”



One of the most recognized names among the Oklahoma music culture, Cody Canada trails a 30-year music footprint stemming from the renowned music scene referred to as Red Dirt.  It goes by many names; some call it alt-country, some folk rock, some Americana, but no matter what you call it, the genre boasts an elite list of songwriters whose anthemic works have agelessly traversed decades and risen to legendary status.   For over 15 years Canada fronted the aggressive country rock band Cross Canadian Ragweed, touring giants that dominated the live music circuit nationwide until their break up in 2010.  In 2011, Canada and bassist Jeremy Plato formed The Departed, a power trio along with drummer Eric Hansen, and since then has carried on in that gritty and lyrically provocative style that keeps packed crowds hanging on every word. On July 1st, Cody Canada and The Departed released the reboot of the cult classic album “Soul Gravy” bringing the sound back to its roots featuring a return appearance from Lee Ann Womack and performances from some key folks who helped shape the original album. The new single "Again" features longtime comrade Randy Rogers.

Waves In April

Waves is comprised of five friends who met through School of Rock New Braunfels, a special kind of music school that holds “live performance” as the pinnacle of academic excellence.  Peyton Glasco (18), Elysha LeMaster (17), Luke Wilson (16), Willy Canada (13) and Dierks Canada (16) started their journey together in 2019. Their debut EP “Take It Or Leave It” produced by AJ Vallejo features 6 songs written exclusively by the band and gives off sparks of punk, pop and alternative metal set alight by the R&B influenced vocal stylings of Elysha LeMaster.   In only 3 years Waves has snagged shows at some very reputable venues and festivals including Mile 0 Fest in Key West, Florida. Two of the band members represented the New Braunfels branch of School of Rock with a performance at the Rock in Rio festival in Portugal in 2022 with some of the biggest names in rock and pop music like Black Eyed Peas, Liam Gallagher, Post Malone, The National, and Muse.


Cross Canadian Ragweed


The Great Divide


Randy Rogers Band


Jason Boland and The Stragglers


Medicine Stone

Music Event


Caveman Music Festival


Mike McClure


Stoney LaRue


The Damn Quails


Micky and the Motorcars


Six Market Blvd.


Sam Riggs


Ray Johnston Band


Saints Eleven

Josh Ward


Cody Canada and the Departed


Drew Cooper


Amelia Presley


John 'Pops' Dennie


Charlie and The Regrets


Mason Lively


Curtis Grimes


David Adam Byrnes


Matt Hillyer


Robbie Walden Band

JD Graham

Austin Meade


Holly Tucker

Curtis Grimes


David Adam Byrnes


Dan Johnson


Abbey Cone

Austin Gilliam

Dolly Shine



Jared Deck


Blackberry Smoke


One Flew South


Brandon Rhyder


Bart Crow 


No Justice


Jason Eady

Prophets and Outlaws

K Phillips


Nick Verzosa and the Noble Union


Stephen Chadwick


The Buffalo Ruckus


Gary Kyle


Statesboro Revue


TJ Broscoff


Susan Gibson


Stephanie Urbina Jones


Doug Moreland


Cooder Graw


Chad Sullins and the Last Call Coalition


Back Porch Mary


Matt Kennon


Little River Band


Larry Gatlin 


Michael Martin Murphy

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