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RPR Media will stand as your day-to-day professional loudmouth cheerleader with over 20 years of experience.  Many of the big touring giants today started out on the independent highway and reached levels of success that brought record deals, radio airplay, sold out shows, mass media exposure and huge fanbases.   The only thing that stands between you and a larger audience is silence.  From securing music reviews, to scheduling radio studio visits, to creating customized marketing promotions, RPR Media will be your personal liaison making sure your music is being heard.


RPR Media will bring you a wide range of support that includes outside-the-box creating, music release service to the media, press release service, and the most important, tour press service.  A tour schedule is quite literally the road that leads you to your fans, and the local media is your welcoming committee.  All tour dates are serviced in advance with the sole purpose of creating a “buzz.”  Once that “buzz” becomes a reputation that precedes you, your wheels will be in constant forward motion.  And then it just gets nuts!   

Our Work

http://www.nashcountrydaily.com/2016/09/14/whos-new-jared-deck/Jared Deck featured as "Who's New" in Nash Country Daily


Amelia Presley song premier in American Songwriter Magazine


Micky and the Motorcars song permier on TheBoot.com


Micky and the Motorcars song premier on PopMatters


Robbie Walden Band premiered in Cowboys & Indians Magazine

http://theshotgunseat.com/prophets-outlaws-surprise-strong-v-ep/Prophets & Outlaws featured on The Shotgun Seat

http://www.abbeycone.com/front-page/abbey-cone-in-country-weekly-magazine/Abbey Cone featured as "Who's New" in Country Weekly Magazine


One Flew South on the cover of Music Connection Magazine


The Damn Quails review on Taste of Country


Susan Gibson featured in LoneStarMusic 


Cross Canadian Ragweed


The Great Divide


Randy Rogers Band


Jason Boland and The Stragglers


Medicine Stone

Music Event


Mike McClure


Stoney LaRue


The Damn Quails


Micky and the Motorcars


Six Market Blvd.


Sam Riggs


Ray Johnston Band


Saints Eleven

Josh Ward


Cody Canada and the Departed


Drew Cooper


Amelia Presley


John 'Pops' Dennie


Charlie and The Regrets


Mason Lively


Curtis Grimes


David Adam Byrnes


Brian Callihan


Robbie Walden Band


Austin Meade


Holly Tucker

Curtis Grimes


David Adam Byrnes


Dan Johnson


Abbey Cone


Dolly Shine



Jared Deck


Blackberry Smoke


One Flew South


Brandon Rhyder


Bart Crow 


No Justice


Jason Eady

Prophets and Outlaws

K Phillips


Nick Verzosa and the Noble Union


Stephen Chadwick


The Buffalo Ruckus


Gary Kyle


Statesboro Revue


TJ Broscoff


Susan Gibson


Stephanie Urbina Jones


Doug Moreland


Cooder Graw


Chad Sullins and the Last Call Coalition


Back Porch Mary


Matt Kennon


Little River Band


Larry Gatlin 


Michael Martin Murphy

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