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Josh Ward is a pure country music artist with ten consecutive #1 hit singles in Texas. His new album "More Than I Deserve" is full bodied and emotionally fragrant, every song jumps out kicking up the kind of country music nostalgia Ward is revered for. He has over 2 million views on YouTube and over 3 million streams on Spotify. His new single "The Devil Don't Scare Me Anymore" hit the Top 40 on Billboard and is also his 12th consecutive #1 hit single in Texas.


For nearly two decades Stoney LaRue has sustained a seminal music career that was dug straight out of the red dirt in Oklahoma.  His rock infused country “tude” coupled with a dominating set of vocal pipes has made him an iconic figure in the scene.  Stoney has sold over 1 million albums and singles, has charted high on Billboard and iTunes, has had guest vocal performances on songs by Lee Ann Womack and Miranda Lambert, and has shared stages with some of the biggest names in country music including a most coveted debut performance at Nashville’s renowned Grand Ole Opry . His new album "Onward" comes out November 1, 2019.  The first single “Hill Country Boogaloo” hit Top 20 on the Texas Music Chart.


For over a decade, singer-songwriter and musician Brandon Rhyder has been widely exalted for his exquisite ability to couple gorgeous melodies with superb storytelling and deeply admired for his signature songbird vocal style. 18 years of highly praised albums, a rigorous tour schedule of 175 plus dates a year and the privilege of working with top-notch songwriters like Liz Rhodes, Keith Gattis, Lori McKenna, Walt Wilkins and Radney Foster, Rhyder is on top of his game. His new single "I Felt Good Today" comes out September 13, 2019 in advance of his live acoustic album "Main Street Crossing" in November.


When you hear Amelia Presley sing, it is impossible not to hear pangs of profound sorrow wrapped in a soulful voice fraught with struggle and deeply buried secrets.  Through her newly acquired liberation from her own emotional self-imprisonment, she aims only to set the record straight with the release of her new single “Harm Nobody Else.”  The release of “Harm Nobody Else” comes on the heels of a podcast called “The Insignificant Diary of a Burden Named Phoenix” in which Amelia tells for the first time the story of the 13 years of abuse she endured.  With this declaration she hopes to help other survivors validate their own feelings by facing them head on rather than living under the burden of their abuser’s secret.  Through her young adulthood Amelia moved on and away from the Mississippi mud she grew up in and went on to achieve several cherished titles: singer, songwriter, 5-year military veteran and mother.  She is also one part of the Texas duo the Highway Sisters with KK Bodiford.  Amelia is a brilliant music artist/songwriter who has toured for years and has performed at CMA Music Fest and the Grand Ole Opry.


Held at the Diamondhead Resort on the Illinois River in tahlequah, Oklahoma in September, Medicine Stone has become the premier Red Dirt Music event in the region, and it's the only one of its kind. This event was created by two of the biggest names in the genre, Jason Boland & The Stragglers and Turnpike Troubadours.  The Medicine Stone line up faithfully features the best in the Red Dirt music scene, a genre that has long been revered worldwide for its diverse sounds and quality of music.


Cross Canadian Ragweed


The Great Divide


Randy Rogers Band


Jason Boland and The Stragglers


Medicine Stone

Music Event


Mike McClure


Stoney LaRue


The Damn Quails


Micky and the Motorcars


Six Market Blvd.


Sam Riggs


Ray Johnston Band


Saints Eleven

Josh Ward


Amelia Presley


John 'Pops' Dennie


Charlie and The Regrets


Mason Lively


Curtis Grimes


David Adam Byrnes


Robbie Walden Band


Austin Meade


Gary Kyle


Dan Johnson


Abbey Cone


Dolly Shine

Jared Deck


Blackberry Smoke


One Flew South


Brandon Rhyder


Bart Crow 


No Justice


Jason Eady

Prophets and Outlaws

K Phillips


Nick Verzosa and the Noble Union


Stephen Chadwick


The Buffalo Ruckus


Gary Kyle


Statesboro Revue


TJ Broscoff


Susan Gibson


Stephanie Urbina Jones


Doug Moreland


Cooder Graw


Chad Sullins and the Last Call Coalition


Back Porch Mary


Matt Kennon


Little River Band


Larry Gatlin 


Michael Martin Murphy

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