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Josh Ward is a pure country music artist with ten consecutive #1 hit singles in Texas. His new album "More Than I Deserve" is full bodied and emotionally fragrant, every song jumps out kicking up the kind of country music nostalgia Ward is revered for. He has over 2 million views on YouTube and over 3 million streams on Spotify.


The southern soul band originated in a Jesuit high school set in the heart of metropolitan Dallas when two brothers and a best friend came together in their shared love of music. Almost a decade and five EPs later, the now band of five boasts a massive fan base that spans ten states across the South and Midwest and an active online community of more than 25,000. Their commanding instrumental groove, relatable lyrics, and authentic five part harmonies have sent them to the top of the music charts and earned the band over 2 million streams on Spotify.


He’s only 20 years old, barely old enough to have earned a worldly view of life, but when you listen to the songs he has written, you will find it difficult to believe that.  Is debut album “Stronger Ties” lets the multi genre flags fly and the result is a buffet-style feast for the ears that signifies the new generation of Texas music magic. He is now the youngest artist on William Morris Endeavor’s country music roster.


Ft. Worth singer/songwriter Dan Johnson’s “Hemingway Project” is a unique EP/audiobook project that paints a haunting picture of mental health struggles and suicide among military veterans.  The release of the project on State Fair Records is Johnson’s personal testament of a troubled life, molded by the devastating mental collapse and eventual suicide of his father all told through compelling narrative.  “Hemingway” stands as a message of how generations can be impacted by this kind of loss, and how people can intercede on behalf of those who aren’t reaching out on behalf of themselves.  With its five brilliantly crafted songs and five companion short stories, Johnson hopes not only to educate the public on the specific and common warning signs of suicide, but also the variety of resources available in their own communities across America.  National Geographic Magazine will feature the “Hemingway Project” in the fall on 2018.


Held at the Diamondhead Resort on the Illinois River in tahlequah, Oklahoma in September, Medicine Stone has become the premier Red Dirt Music event in the region, and it's the only one of its kind. This event was created by two of the biggest names in the genre, Jason Boland & The Stragglers and Turnpike Troubadours.  The Medicine Stone line up faithfully features the best in the Red Dirt music scene, a genre that has long been revered worldwide for its diverse sounds and quality of music.


Cross Canadian Ragweed


The Great Divide


Randy Rogers Band


Jason Boland and The Stragglers


Medicine Stone

Music Event


Mike McClure


The Damn Quails


Six Market Blvd.


Sam Riggs


Ray Johnston Band


Saints Eleven

Josh Ward


Charlie and The Regrets


Mason Lively


Gary Kyle


Dan Johnson


Abbey Cone


Dolly Shine

Jared Deck


Blackberry Smoke


One Flew South


Brandon Rhyder


Bart Crow 


No Justice


Jason Eady

Prophets and Outlaws

K Phillips


Nick Verzosa and the Noble Union


Stephen Chadwick


The Buffalo Ruckus


Gary Kyle


Statesboro Revue


TJ Broscoff


Susan Gibson


Stephanie Urbina Jones


Doug Moreland


Cooder Graw


Chad Sullins and the Last Call Coalition


Back Porch Mary


Matt Kennon


Little River Band


Larry Gatlin 


Michael Martin Murphy

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